Tennis and Pickleball Memberships & Court Information

The Wellesley Recreation Department has a number of public courts available for use by individuals who would like to play tennis or pickleball.Tennis.Pickleball Wellesley residents may purchase court pass memberships online through the Recreation Department. These memberships allow players to reserve courts in advance for both day and night play.

Tennis/Pickleball Memberships 

There are two resident membership pricing options. 

  • Reservations for day play
    • FREE - Activity # 555200-02
    • Day reservations begin on April 4, 2023 (If you signed up for a day membership in 2022, you DO NOT need to renew as these memberships roll over to 2023. )
  • Reservations for day & night play:
    •  $40  night tag - Activity# 555200-04
    • Night play & reservations run May 1, 2023 - December 26, 2023 (All night memberships must renew and pay for 2023)
    • Play at night from 6 pm - 9:30 pm at Hunnewell Courts
      • Tennis & Pickleball play allowed on Hunnewell Courts
        • Pickleball has two (2) courts available for night play
        • Pickleball night membership is $40 

After registering for a membership, please allow up to 24 hours for PlayLocal to update its system. If you register for membership over the weekend, please allow until the end of business on Mondays.  Please note: All membership emails must be the same email address on both the Recreation Department and PlayLocal websites. 

Court Reservations

Wellesley residents may reserve tennis and pickleball courts in advance with a Recreation membership. Court reservations are made online via the PlayLocal court reservation system.  Please refer to the list below for available courts,  the type of use, and specific hours of play.   Indoor pickleballs are recommended for play.

Non members may walk in and play on open courts, but MUST vacate courts for individuals with PlayLocal reservations.

Private Lesson Reservations

Residents may reserve courts for private lessons must follow a specific process. 

  • Provide instructor contact information
  • Ensure that instructor has been approved to offer private lessons on Wellesley courts

courts maps

Pickleball Lessons & Drop-in Information 

Currently, there are no dedicated pickleball courts in the Town of Wellesley. Pickleball court lines have been added to select tennis and basketball courts in the community.. Pickleball sounds can be disturbing in densely populated areas of the community. We encourage all players to be sensitive to neighbors living near these courts. 

Pickleball court locations: 

 If you are interested in playing indoor pickleball or want to inquire about pickleball lessons, please contact the Recreation Department at (781) 235-2370 or email at

Drop in pickleball games are also offered at the Recreation Department Warren Building, 90 Washington Street.