Trail Use Guidelines

Practice good trail usage and etiquette. In all open space and conservation land, no motorized vehicles, littering, dumping, camping, fires, smoking, or alcoholic beverages are permitted.

Off-road trails are closed dusk to dawn. Bikes are permitted on our trails, but if trails are muddy, limit bike usage. Do not feed, approach, or touch wildlife, including waterfowl. Use protection against ticks and mosquito bites.

Stay on established trails.  If you wander off trail, you may encounter poison ivy, pick up ticks, disturb wildlife, or trespass on private property.  Also, no new trails are permitted unless approved by the Natural Resources Commission. 

Abide by Town's restriction of no more than two (2) dogs per person, or three (3) dogs with an NRC permit. Dogs may be off-leash if under immediate supervised voice control (See Full Animal Control Regulations). And lastly, please pick up after your dog and properly dispose of the waste. If you forget a bag, there are five (5) doggie bag dispensers maintained by the Trails Committee. They are located at:

Boulder Brook Reservation - Kelly Field
Morses Pond - Turner Road gate
Fuller Brook Path - State Street parking lot
Centennial Reservation - Oakland Street parking lot and at Maugus Avenue trailhead.

Thank you for your cooperation!