Wetland Protection Laws

The Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Bylaw prohibit altering land, water or vegetation in lakes, streams, wetlands, floodplains, or areas within 100 feet of wetlands (and 200 feet of perennial streams) without a permit from the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee. In addition, the 310 CMR 10:00 Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Regulations defines and clarifies the process and procedures by which conservation commissions and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) may carry out the Wetlands Protection Act. The Town of Wellesley’s Wetland Protection Regulations defines a similar guiding process to carry out the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Bylaw. Additionally, the Massachusetts Inland Restricted Wetlands Act (M.G.L. Ch. 131 s. 40A) protects 14 designated wetlands in Wellesley. For more information, please visit the State's Department of Environmental Protection Wetlands website.

Wellesley Wetlands Protections

Town of Wellesley Wetland Protection Regulations - All new Wetland Permit filings are subject to and must comply with these regulations. The Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee will be reviewing all current and new projects under these regulations.

Town of Wellesley Wetland Protection Bylaws

Massachusetts Wetlands Protections

Wetlands Protection Act 

310 CMR 10:00 Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Regulations