Celebrate 50 years of recycling in Wellesley! 

The Town of Wellesley started recycling 50 years ago on February 11, 1971. Celebrate this golden anniversary in 2021 by taking part in the RDF Recyclable of the Month (ROTM) promotion.

Current Programs

Wellesley’s recycling activities include:

  • separating, collecting, packaging, selling, and delivering recyclable materials;  
  • developing new market sources and maximizing revenue opportunities;
  • and controlling the quality of recyclable materials.  

The collection, processing, and sale of earth products, such as compost and wood grindings, are included in the Earth Products program.

RDF on the Radio!

The Wellesley RDF received global recognition on a Public Radio International program.  Click here for the program.

RDF in the News!

While other communities are facing a recycling crisis, read this Wellesley Townsman article to learn how efforts in Wellesley continue to raise money for our Town and benefit our planet.

Accepted for Recycling

Aluminum Light Iron (bicycles, water heaters)
Appliances (freezers, refrigerators, etc) Ink Jet Cartridges
Batteries (automotive, household) Waste Oil
Cardboard Cellular Phones and PDAs
Electronic Media Propane Tanks
Eyeglasses Metal (brass, copper)
Fluorescent Light Bulbs Plastics
Glass (brown, green, clear) Steel Cans
Paper (office paper, junk mail, newspaper) Televisions and Computers

Costs associated with recycling functions include labor, equipment, hardware, transportation, and promoting recycling. Funds for these costs come from tax dollars appropriated directly to the RDF by Town Meeting. All revenues earned through the Recycling Program are returned to the Town General Fund. In Fiscal Year 2016 the Recycling program returned approximately $400,000 to the Town General Fund.

Our recycling guide may be found here.

RDF Recycling Guide sm