LP Gas Install/Connect

LP Gas Install/Connect

Application for a permit to Connect or Install Liquid Propane Gas Storage equipment shall be made in the name of the owner or occupant of the premises by the person, firm or corporation who will make the installation or connection to permanent fixtures. The Wellesley Fire Department may limit the quantity of LP-Gas that may be stored under a permit, such as during special events, where unusual conditions exist. Additional requirements may be included that are within the intent and purpose of 527 CMR 69 



1. Applicant applies for the permit at: www.wellesleyma.gov (Permits and Licensing). During the application process drawings showing the location of the tank, proximity to property lines, structures, doors, windows and other sources of ignition must be uploaded. 

2. Permit Fee - $35.00 can be paid online during the application process.

3. Inspection by The Wellesley Fire Department within 7-10 days. 

4. Propane Storage Permit may be required. Tank should not be filled until permits are granted and inspected by the Fire Department. 

Permit is valid for 1 year for non-residential. Restrictions may apply