Life Insurance

New employees and employees who become benefit eligible for the first time during their employment with the Town will have an opportunity to sign up for $10,000 - $150,000 of guaranteed life insurance! Newly benefit eligible employees have 30 days from their start date or initial benefit eligibility date to select any and all life insurance options that work for them.  To view the informational brochure on this plan, click here.

  • Select up to $150,000 of guaranteed life insurance coverage
  • No medical check-ups, questions or physical required
  • Competitive rates
  • Use your benefit allowance
  • Employees may elect any amount up to $150,000 of coverage in increments of $10,000
  • For rate information, click here.

The cost for basic life insurance (offered during the first 30 days of employment or during the first 30 days of initial benefit eligibility) will be $13.84 per month for $10,000 worth of term life coverage.

New employees and newly benefit eligible employees will also have an opportunity during their first 30 days to sign up for additional life insurance in the amount of up to one times their annual base pay with a cap of $75,000.  Employees who sign up for this coverage option must sign up for the basic life insurance plan of $10,000 as well.  For more information on this benefit, including the rates, click here.

For a side by side comparison of all the life insurance plan offerings, please click here.

*Please note:  The guaranteed issue amount of supplemental life insurance is $150,000.  Any amount of supplemental life insurance selected that exceeds $150,000 is subject to underwriting.