Human Resources

All bexclamationenefit eligible employees should have received a letter with details about open enrollment.  if you have not received your notice, you may access the content of this letter HERE.  

Some Open Enrollment Reminders:

  1. If you are unable to sign in, please try again at a later time. The site needs to be taken down periodically for maintenance and will be unavailable, which will result in an error when trying to sign in. Please try again at a later time or the next day. 
  2. Please make sure you have reviewed all insurance options before completing your enrollment. Your enrollment will not be marked as complete until you sign off on the selections you have made.
  3. The official Open Enrollment period starts on April 13th. Human Resources will have limited availability to be able to answer questions or provide support until after the Open Enrollment period officially begins.
  4. If you do not complete the enrollment process your benefits will rollover with the exception of your contributions to a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA). You must specify the amount you contribute towards your FSA and HSA again this year as it will not automatically roll over.

For information on dates and plan offerings, click HERE.


Article 25 Motion 1 - Proposed personnel policy changes 

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