Green Communities

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources designated Wellesley a Green Community in December 2017.  To qualify as a Green Community, Wellesley developed a five-year Energy Reduction Plan and a Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy, and amended the zoning bylaws to include a solar overlay district.  In 2011, Wellesley adopted the Stretch Energy Code.  

Its Green Community status makes the Town of Wellesley eligible to apply for grants to fund municipal energy conservation projects.  The Town is using its initial Green Communities grant, of $137,250, to fund an energy audit of the Town's water and wastewater systems, and a light-emitting diode retrofit of exterior lights on the Department of Public Works Campus.

You can read about elements of Wellesley's Green Communities application, below.      

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Energy Reduction Plan - outlines a plan to reduce municipal energy use 20% below 2015 levels by the year 2020. 

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy - requires that the municipality replace non-exempt vehicles with energy efficient models where such models are available and practicable.

Solar Bylaw - Annual Town Meeting amended the zoning bylaws to include a solar overlay district at the cloverleaf intersection of Routes 9 and 128. 

Stretch Energy Code - Annual Town Meeting adopted the MA Stretch Energy Code in 2011