Route 9 Enhancement Study & Plan

The Route 9 Enhancement Study & Plan is a community-outreach-driven study for the Route 9 Corridor that provides tailored strategies for addressing the functionality and form of the roadway and corridor.

While the impetus of the Study & Plan was the anticipated MassDOT reconstruction project for the entire length of the Route 9 roadway within the Town, the cost estimates for this project came back higher than expected and the project had been tabled in favor of a resurfacing project with a more limited scope. Regardless, this project allowed the Wellesley community to establish specific goals for the roadway and corridor that will inform future improvements to be carried out by MassDOT.

The Study & Plan was completed through a partnership of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), MetroWest Regional Collaborative (MWRC), and the Town of Wellesley, and was comprised of two phases. Phase 1 served as an inventory and assessment phase and will include a project kick-off meeting, an inventory and assessment of existing conditions, and the identification of issues and opportunities presented by the existing conditions of the roadway and corridor. Phase 2 (for which the Planning Board received a technical assistance grant from MAPC)  developed a Plan, based on the inventory and assessment conducted under Phase 1, that identified the Town’s goals and recommendations for the roadway, addressed issues and capitalized on opportunities.

Project Documents
Recommendations & Appendices - November, 2016
Issues & Opportunities Report - March, 2016
Inventory & Assessment of Existing Conditions - December, 2015

Project Contact: Michael Zehner, Planning Director, 781-431-1019 x2234 or