Town Hall Ducks

Volunteers need to feed ducks this winter 2020-2021

Feeding the Town Hall Ducks

We feed around 9 domestic ducks and geese: 4 white Embden geese, 4 white mix breed geese and one Swedish Blue duck.
     When snow covers the green spaces the ducks need food delivered.  We have plastic troughs and corn in bins behind the police station.  We need volunteers to bring the corn daily and wait 10 minutes then return the tray to the corn barrels.  This way we don't get rats and other rodents around the pond and keep the domestic ducks who can not fly well cared for this winter.

Wild Ducks

We do not feed the wild ducks - the brown female mallards, the green headed male mallards or the Canada geese. They need to keep their wildness by foraging for natural foods. They need to teach their young how to survive and if we feed them they will lose their ability to find food naturally. Also, if we start feeding the wild ducks and geese they will bring more and more relatives to the pond, which would make it unhealthy for both the animals living there and the people visiting.

Feeding Troughs

We use a plastic trough so nothing is left on the ground to attract rats and other rodents.


To lean how you can volunteer to be a responsible duck/goose feeder you can contact Animal Control 781-235-8460  or