Route 9 / Kingsbury St. Intersection Improvements

The Board of Selectmen entered into an agreement with the MA Department of Transportation (MassDOT) in the Spring of 2016 to reconfigure and reconstruct Worcester Street (Route 9) at the Kingsbury Street intersection. The 2016 Annual Town Meeting (ATM) appropriated $600,000 to fund the Town's share of the project cost. The Town anticipates that this project will improve traffic and pedestrian safety via installation of traffic signals at the two turn-arounds.

This project is under construction by MassDOT, running concurrently with a "curb to curb" resurfacing of the entirety of Route 9 in Wellesley. The traffic signals are expected to be operational in late fall 2017, and the entire project should be completed by summer 2018.

For complete details on this project, please view the 100% Design Plans (PDF).

The simlation below was prepared by VHB, one of Wellesley's on-call traffic engineers, to show anticipated traffic flow with signals at the two turn-arounds. This simlulation was presented at the 2016 ATM.