Free Security Survey by WPD

The Wellesley Police Department offers a FREE security survey of your Wellesley home or business.   

Select Wellesley Police Officers, who have been specially trained in crime prevention and security evaluation, can conduct a free, in depth security survey and offer you professional advice on what to do to make yourself and your location safer from harm or theft.

A Wellesley Police security survey starts with a general assessment of the vulnerability of the site.  Why would a certain location be selected as a target by an offender?  Officers look at such items as fencing, lighting, landscaping and any other physical characteristics that may look inviting to a criminal passing by.  Officers also consider the exterior barriers of the site itself, such as doors, windows, walls, roof and floors.  We will also inspect and evaluate all locks, alarms, and camera systems.  Finally, officers will assess the interior of the home or business, and evaluate your interior doors, locks, alarms, safes, and any cameras you have deployed.

Once the survey is completed, officers sit down with the resident or business owner and review the results.  We honestly examine what is working, what could be improved, and what isn't working.  Officers will make recommendations ranging from the minimum steps to be taken, all the way to the maximum steps that can be taken to secure or 'target harden' a location.  

The Wellesley Police Department has offered this program for several years and have conducted many surveys within our community.  To schedule an appointment or ask additional questions, please contact Wellesley Police Sergeant Brian Spencer at 781-235-1212 or by email at