5th Grade Event

Calling all 5th Graders!

The Wellesley Teen Center 5th Grade Event is for all Wellesley school aged students who attend 5th grade in the Wellesley Public Schools and Wellesley residents enrolled in 5th grade at private schools.

You are invited to the 5th Grade Only Wellesley Teen Center Event @WMS Friday, June 2nd from 6-8pm!!!

Enjoy a popular 5th Grade spring Tradition connecting with classmates and meeting new friends from other Wellesley schools with games in the gym, Dodgeball, cupcake and pizza making and pottery (painting a mug).

Registration to the Teen Center event provides not only a fun night, but access to a full year of after school and evening activities in 6th grade. Together, our programs strive to help our students connect at the 5th Grade event and continue engagement next year through inclusive and enjoyable experiences including:

 20+ Popular After School Activities at WMS---- Options may include: Basketball, volleyball, painting, cooking, glass making, free skate events and more!

The 5th Grade Teen Center Event, and all activities for the following school year are managed by the Wellesley Recreation Department and directed by leading local resources such as Community Investors assisted by Wellesley High School Key Club and Student Leaders. All activities are provided with a single registration of $100 (or roughly $3/activity) to support continued enrichment throughout the entire school year. Requests for financial assistance are available.


The Wellesley Teen Center 5th Grade Event is for Wellesley Public School 5th grade students (including Boston Students) and Wellesley residents enrolled in 5th grade at private schools.

Like the after school activities at the elementary schools, Wellesley Recreation is now the Provider of the newly expanded Teen Center Activities at WMS.

Fifth Graders must become a member of the Wellesley Recreation Teen Center. When you register your child as a Teen Center member with Wellesley Recreation, there is a registration fee of $100 that entitles the student to all the Teen Center Activities for their 6th grade year. Each year you will re-register your child for the same Positive Impactful Experiences at WMS. Please contact Wellesley Recreation a registration fee waiver for your child if this is needed. All students who want to attend should be able to.

To Register your child, please visit:    https://vsiwebtrac.wellesleyma.gov/wbwsc/webtrac.wsc/search.html?Action=Start&SubAction=&_csrf_token=a45748e5ee2f088bb93457533672c11263cd35f2d36a825cf03ad3de1694dd17&primarycode=&age=&daysofweek=&grade=&keyword=teen+membership&type=&spotsavailable=&module=AR&multiselectlist_value=&arwebsearch_buttonsearch=Search