Tax Relief Programs

The Town of Wellesley offers several tax relief programs to seniors, veterans, and others. View the brochures for more information about the individual programs. Printed copies of the brochures are available at the Assessor's Office. All tax relief applications are due annually by April 1st.

Summary of Tax Relief Programs

Blind Exemption - Clause 37A

This exemption provides assistance to those taxpayers who are legally blind and meet the listed residency requirements.

Blind Exemption Guide

Blind Exemption Application

Veterans Exemption - Clause 22

These exemptions provide assistance to the veterans who meet the disability or medal recipient requirements and the residency requirements.

Veteran Exemption Guide

Veteran Exemption Application

Senior Tax Deferral - Clause 41A

This deferral allows an elderly taxpayer to defer all or a portion of their tax obligation. As opposed to an exemption, the deferred taxes must eventually be repaid with interest, when the property is sold, transferred, or upon settlement of the estate.

Senior Tax Deferral Guide

Senior Tax Deferral Application

If applying for this deferral for the 1st time, fill out this form as well.

Elderly Exemption - Clause 41C & 41D

This exemption provides assistance to elderly taxpayers that meet the age, income, whole estate, and residency requirements. If you are elderly but do not meet some of the requirements of Clause 41C, you may be eligible for a lesser amount of assistance under Clause 17C or 41A.

Elderly Exemption Guide

Elderly Exemption Application

Community Preservation Act

This is a complete exemption from the Community Preservation Act surcharge for property owned and occupied as a domicile by any person who qualifies for low income or moderate income senior housing.

Community Preservation Act Guide

Community Preservation Act Application

Senior Work-Off Program

This abatement reduces local property tax liability of seniors in exchange for volunteer service to the municipality.

Senior Work-Off Program Rules

Senior Work-Off Program Application