Building Department

Public Notice

The Wellesley Board of Health has ordered that all interior building inspections be halted until further notice due to Coronavirus concerns. 

 The Building Department is committed to providing a superior customer experience and ensuring public safety through compliance with all state building/construction, plumbing and electrical laws, and conformance to applicable Town and Zoning Bylaws.


Its specific duties include:

  • Zoning Enforcement
  • Public safety inspection of commercial and municipal buildings and structures, and places of public assembly
  • Inspection of building/construction activities
  • Inspection of electrical wiring and systems
  • Inspection of plumbing and fuel gas systems
  • Enforcement of handicap access laws


Name Title Direct Phone Number
Michael Grant Inspector of Buildings 781-489-7452
Socrates Sirafos Local Building Inspector 781-489-7455
Kevin Saaristo Local Building Inspector 781-489-7457
Alan Walker Local Building Inspector 781-489-7453
Michael Sweeny Wiring Inspector 781-489-7454
Warren Pansire Plumbing/Gas Inspector 781-489-7456
Pam O'Connell Permit Administrator 781-489-7460
Karen Finelli Office Assistant 781-489-7458
For assistance on Building Department projects, please contact the appropriate staff person directly.