Building Department

 The Building Department is committed to providing a superior customer experience and ensuring public safety through compliance with all state building/construction, plumbing and electrical laws, and conformance to applicable Town and Zoning Bylaws.


Its specific duties include:

  • Zoning Enforcement
  • Public safety inspection of commercial and municipal buildings and structures, and places of public assembly
  • Inspection of building/construction activities
  • Inspection of electrical wiring and systems
  • Inspection of plumbing and fuel gas systems
  • Enforcement of handicap access laws


Name Title Direct Phone Number
Michael Grant Inspector of Buildings 781-489-7452
Socrates Sirafos Local Building Inspector 781-489-7455
Kevin Saaristo Local Building Inspector 781-489-7457
Alan Walker Local Building Inspector 781-489-7453
Michael Sweeny Wiring Inspector 781-489-7454
Warren Pansire Plumbing/Gas Inspector 781-489-7456
Pam O'Connell Permit Administrator 781-489-7460
Karen Finelli Office Assistant 781-489-7458
For assistance on Building Department projects, please contact the appropriate staff person directly.