Neighborhood Preservation

Inadequate Ways (aka Review of Adequacy)

Pursuant to the Town's Zoning Bylaw, Section XIX - Yard Regulations, the Planning Board has adopted Rules and Regulations Governing Upgrading of Inadequate Ways. A lot, proposed as the site of a dwelling or other habitable structure, which does not abut an Adequate Way (as defined in the regulations) shall be considered as not having frontage within the meaning of Section XIX - Yard Regulations of the Zoning Bylaw and will be unable to obtain a building permit for that reason. If such lot abuts an Inadequate Way, an Applicant seeking a building permit may upgrade that way to a status of adequacy for the purpose of satisfying the frontage requirement in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.

Historic Districts

No building or structure within an Historic District (see unofficial Zoning Map) shall be constructed or altered in any way that effects exterior architectural features unless the Historic District Commission has first issued a certificate of appropriateness, a certificate of non-applicability, or a certificate of hardship. The process for obtaining these certificates is detailed in Zoning Bylaw, Section XIVD - Historic Districts.

Historic Building Demolition Delay

The 2017 Annual Town Meeting favorably acted on a motion under Article 40 of the Warrant adopting a new section to the Town Bylaw, Article 46C, Historic Preservation Demolition Review Bylaw (PDF). The Planning Department has prepared guidance on this new Bylaw, including a Draft Application for the various processes under the bylaw.

Large House Review

Large House Review is the term used to describe the review of certain single family dwellings, as required by Section XVID, Large House Review, in the Zoning Bylaw. Generally, if the size of a proposed home (calculated as Total Living Area plus Garage Space (TLAG) exceeds the established TLAG threshold for the district in which the property is located, the home must complete the Large House Review process and be approved by the Planning Board before a building permit may be issued. Some additions to existing homes may also require Large House Review.