Submitted Projects

View current and archived projects submitted to the Community Preservation Committee.

Community Preservation Plan

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC), with the help of many Town boards, prepared the Town of Wellesley Community Preservation Plan. The Plan gives a summary of the Town's community preservation goals, as well as setting out the resources, needs and possibilities for open space, historical resources, housing and recreation within the Town. Overarching and area specific preservation goals, which the CPC used in its project review and decision making process, are also set forth.

Decision Guidelines

The decision guidelines (PDF) of the CPC are as follows:

  • Preservation of a resource or opportunity that would otherwise be lost.
  • Involvement of two or more of the purposes designed for funding under the CPA.
  • Preference for large projects that would have a significant long-term benefit to the community.
  • Involvement of multiple sources of funding, including leveraging other public and/or private funds.
  • Creation of incentives for other public and/or private projects and/or collaborations to occur.
  • Demonstration that the proposal is feasible and the most reasonable plan to implement the project.
  • Provision for cost/funding that is compatible with the Town's financial plan.
  • Consistency with Town-wide planning efforts/reports that have received broad-based scrutiny and input.
  • Consideration of recent Town Meeting actions, supported by other Town boards and/or by the community.
  • Provision for a dedicated source of funding (other than CPA) for on-going maintenance.
  • Compliance with the current or proposed Wellesley zoning by-laws and/or the laws of the Commonwealth.

Implementing/Monitoring Projects

In addition to the review of grant applications, the CPC has taken on the responsibility of following up on the implementation of previously approved projects and monitoring their progress.