Warrant Apprehension


Beginning in March, 2008 the Wellesley Police Department launched the Warrant Apprehension Team. This team consists of four Wellesley Police Officers who are responsible for intake and follow up of Arrest Warrants assigned for service to the Wellesley Police Department. 

Officer interview two defendants with warrants on Route 9.

Their tasks and responsibilities include: 

  • Reviewing warrants and arrest records 
  • Assigning priority levels to wanted individuals 
  • Tracking down and verifying contact information and addresses 
  • Contacting low priority offenders for the purpose of having them clear their warrants 
  • Transporting wanted persons from other jurisdictions or holding facilities 
  • Arresting high priority offenders wherever they may be located

Warrants Processed in 2008

From March until December 2008, the Warrant Team processed 90 outstanding arrest warrants. Of these warrants 25 were resolved on their own without intervention from the team. The remaining 65 warrants were all actively worked by members of the team. 38 warrants were cleared as a result of direct or indirect contact with the offender and 13 high priority warrants were cleared by arresting the offender. Some offenders still remain at large, with officers actively attempting to locate their present whereabouts.

What is an Arrest Warrant

Arrest warrants are issued for those defendants that do not appear when they are required to for court, or when it is believed that a defendant being charged will not voluntarily appear in court. Arrest warrants are issued by a court, and allow a Wellesley Police Officer to serve the warrant anywhere in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The warrant also allows a police officer to hold the defendant until the next time court is in session, often without bail or the chance to be bailed.

The Wellesley Police actively pursue all warrants. Those subjects that are wanted by this department will appear on the Mass Most Wanted website, depending on their offense, as well as appearing on the Wellesley Police Department's website.