Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program

wellesley-will_smallWhat can Wellesley do to become better prepared for the risks of climate change? 

Through the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant program, our community is working to identify climate change hazards that may face Wellesley and develop plans to reduce our risks and make the Town more resilient. The MVP program is offered by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

In July 2019, Wellesley applied for and was accepted into the MVP program and received an initial $25,000 grant to complete a community planning process that examines the Town’s vulnerability and strengths and helps prioritize actions to build resilience as the climate changes. As a qualified MVP community, Wellesley is also eligible to apply for additional grants from a larger pool of $10.3 million to help complete these projects. 

The Select Board, Board of Health, Planning Board, Natural Resources Commission (NRC), and Wetlands Protection Committee worked together on the MVP program application and along with other boards, departments, business representatives and community members researched and developed Wellesley’s Vulnerability Assessment Report.  

A two-part workshop was held in November, where staff, volunteers and local sustainability leaders outlined key assets and vulnerabilities.   The result of the workshops is a Final Summary of Findings which outlines a prioritization of action steps to improve resiliency, including 3 top action steps for the Community.   The Wellesley Will campaign was created to brand this multi-departmental and interdisciplinary effort.    Read the blueprints for each action below:

Sustainable Landscapes - Stormwater Management - Communication

Additional MVP Resources

Give Input!

Help develop the action-oriented plans that will become part of Wellesley’s Vulnerability Assessment. Email the NRC to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback.